Stablishing the analogy that likens La Laboral to Culture and both to knowledge, we can find the conceptual and symbolic engine which first originated this space.


This knowledge is considered from the most evolutionary human’s perspective: humans who are born pure, bare, and are gradually adquiring information and experiences, arranging them and obtaining knowledge as the final result. As in any activity of creative nature, a specif knowledge, the unexpressed, plays a role. A knowledge which cannot be measured and can be hardly explained on its execution. The development of the tour can be observed here, a travel whose origins are in the creator studio that manages this unexpressed knowledge giving it the form of an arhitectural device, if the simile is permitted here. This device allow us to get ready to the reception of new information and new experiences that afterwards will be translated into knowledge and intellectual wealthiness. The formal allusions of the space are purely organicist based on evolutive concepts with clear references in appereance and meaning to the organ that manages thought: brain.

The symbolic and functional element which dominates the reception alludes metaforically to an abstract entity which represents and stands for the pure individual, for the genesis of knowledge and life, a kind of incubator which prepares, arranges and clarifies the reception of the cultural experiences that the City of Culture offers to every visitor. Some codes of culture that each visitor must decode and assimilate by himself for his own benefict and for that of the whole society. The mess up symbols of information don’t get sense until they are afterwards arranged and it’s then that cultural profitability happens all of a sudden. Therefore, the visitors centre arranges and articulates, generates and projects and in this case prepares and precedes the guest´s experience. It´s another organ within the system shaping this complex and complete cultural device of La Laboral, City of Culture.