Casona Asturiana

Northern homes are different. The same as landscape or climate, home decoration in the Cantabrian coast possess its own characteristics. In this house in Asturias, the inside imagined by the Barbosa brothers is bursting with irony and bravery in a game that stands for the new baroque in the surroundings of Oviedo. At the death throes of minimalism, gold leaf and wallpaper are back, as well as the recreation of styles and tendencies and above all, irony. This new baroque is served with humour and no objections to the forms and ornamental uses of the past but differing from traditional baroque as it does not have vertigo to empty spaces.

The interiors of this casona own an openness and fluency which turn space into protagonist. Its basic architecture reveals exquisite continuity and restraint of equipment and building materials and the re-use and re-interpretation of the original language by means of a wise and calculated use of first class materials and elements with strong functional and expressive load.