Andén de la Losa

The business is located in Asturian Princess Avenue, also known as “la Losa” because it was constructed over the city’s train station. In this occasion the Barbosa brothers design the space taking as reference a hypothetical train station full of magic and colour which evokes all emotional, cultural and demographic dimensions living in stations. The site is structured in two zones clearly defined; bar opposite to dining-room, both separated by some structures designed as train coaches called “busigongos” by the responsible of the project. Turned these into the central axis of the project, their application influenced the singular aesthetics of the inside from uncommon solutions.

Getting on a psychedelic train to start a gastronomic trip as a privileged passenger is the fantastic trip that Barbosa studio has developed in “la Losa”, Oviedo. A site with a large number of people where “The imagination is a train leading you to surprising landscapes”