Interior design and construction

BARBOSA work with passion to optimize the needs of our customers by offering designs made with the heart and with the reason. Spaces visually distinguished by their functionality and aesthetic qualities.

We build effectively, with particular attention to all details and excellent quality finishes.

  • Residential areas, houses, villas, palaces, apartments.
  • Corporate spaces and last generation offices.
  • Hotels, spa, restaurants, coffee shops, cocktail bars, clubs, etc.
  • Supermarkets, gourmet shops, wineries, bakeries, pastry shops, butchers, etc.
  • Health care spaces, dental clinics, medical centers, clinics, offices, pharmacies, etc.
  • Retail: all kinds of shops and franchise models.
  • Cultural spaces, museums, exhibitions, etc.


Nowadays companies deserve high quality brands to be able transmit their core values.

BARBOSA we are fully aware of the relevance of branding as a key tool for managing brands in a highly competitive scenario like nowadays.

Therefore provide the necessary help in the construction and / or reconstruction of brands that are unique, relevant, consistent, consistent, credible and memorable advice to our customers.

Our services include:


  • Brand diagnosis.
  • Brand audit.
  • Touchpoints analysis.
  • User interaction maps.
  •  Competence audit.
  • Benchmark and trend analysis.


  • Brand platform
  •  Brand territory.
  • Brand personality
  •  Brand values.
  •  Brand culture
  •  Brand essence
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand promise
  • Value proposition USP
  • Brand architecture
  • Co-Branding


  •  Logos, brand icons, brand mascot, etc.
  •  Brand colour style.
  •  Corporate stationery, publishing, catalogs, brochures, flyers, posters, packaging, etc.
  • Environmental graphics, signage, 3D mapping, etc.
  •  Corporate photography
  •  Web design, web programming and e-commerce


  •  Naming
  •  Tagline
  • Claim
  •  Copy writing
  • Storytelling
  • Brand tone of voice


  • Aroma branding.
  • Sound branding.
  • Brand experience


  • Brand Book
  • Brand Center
  • Style Manuals

  • Brand launch plan.
  •  Brand engagement
  • Training and couching
  •  Implementation.

  • Auditing and monitoring
  •  Brand value
  •  Consulting and brand management.

We have our own fully equipped render farm and our team of 3D designers with over 15 years’ experience using 3D design tools that allow us produce stunning realism 3D computer graphics that helps our customers taking secure decisions from the initial stages of the project to achieve their business goals.

  •  3D modeling
  •  Photorealistic high quality renders
  •  Interior and exterior architectural 3D rendering.
  •  Product design 3D rendering.
  •  Marketing and advertising 3D rendering.
  •  3D video reel and interactive animations.
  •  Mock ups.
  • Augmented reality.

In keeping with our spirit of continuous improvement, today we are happy to collaborate actively with different international universities and institutions and have the opportunity to pass on our knowledge and experience gained over the years.

  • Lectures.
  • Master Classes.
  • Workshops.
  • Tailor-made courses.
  • Design campus.

Contact us and we will inform you about our upcoming workshops.


We organize all kind of events related to contemporary culture, in compliance with our goal of dissemination of creativity in society and promotion of creative entrepreneurship.

Please contact us if you are thinking to organize any event, we are pretty much sure that together we will pleasantly surprise your guests.

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