Representants of a contemporary, striking and humanized language, Barbosa conceives its projects and interior designs from the enthusiasm and honesty of who is in the research and development of its business, a commitment to innovation and outstanding quality.

They have been cultivating some fixed aesthetics and an unmistakable style all along their work, where the quality of materials, treated and worked consequently with the most advanced techniques, is an unequivocal identity trace of the studio.

The feeling of contemporaneity merges with the luxury and indicates categorically the exclusiveness of their projects.

A developed style completely cosmopolitan which connects with the trends and most outstanding examples of the international design, declaring itself as an advance towards a more enriching future, not only from an appearance perspective, but also from a humanist point of view.

Barbosa is not limited to look to the future by simple inertia and certain cultural blindness postmodernist, but it keeps well in a global perspective pointing rather to a renaissance conception of art, which sets forth the full expression, with a deep respect to customs and cultural expressions, always working at the service of man and his sensitivity.

Designs made with the heart.

Villa Ramoncita

Villa Ramoncita is an old “ Casona of Indianos” mansions built in the late 19thC by spaniards who return after having made his fortune in Latin America- restored and turned by Barbosa Space Projects into both the studio headquarters and a multidisciplinary space linked to varied creative expressions. It also represents the creative concept of Barbosa Projects and its own personality.

Divided up in three levels, the highest one shelters the technical office and a big laboratory of ideas. The mid floor has been restored into a showroom where each space is dedicated to a different piece of design.

Their characteristic perceptions are here strengthened through a meticulous set design. Finally at the ground floor the wide spaces are aimed to put the regional culture in motion through varied activities related to knowledge, art and design.

Grado intends to become a space for creation and contemporary culture while spreading widely the studio works. All from this “ Casona of Indianos”, a location which is both historic and representative of the patrimonial culture of the region.

It represents an opportunity to create future bearing in mind the cultural roots of the past. The correct recovering turns the visit to the building into a unique aesthetic experience.


Our philosophy is to own a family business that works with the heart and a total provision for the wishes of the client resulting in our total dedication and sincerity in the projects we undertake.

Projects which design works in an extreme sense of functionality without leaving powerful semantics and an aesthetic feature that is only possible thanks to the great family which constitutes Barbosa Space Projects and actually believes in what he does with the design heart.

Design that already in the family tradition that has transformed thanks to the desire of changing activity dedicated to the decoration in what is today Barbosa with leeway and creativity much wider and a more universal sense.